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Develop Inside Devnet Container


This functionality is only available for devnet.


This functionality is in constant development. Windows users may experience difficulties.

Coinweb provides the possibility to develop on your localhost by utilising a Docker devnet container. It is possible to either start the repository inside a .devcontainer in VSCode or simply start the container locally and work with it. All substantial details with regards to the devnet container can be found here.

Developing Inside the Devnet Container

You can find the general description on how to develop inside the devnet container directly from your IDE in this section.

Starting Devnet Container Manually

Before starting the container it is important to manually preset the group and user id of your host in the .devcontainer folder. On UNIX machines it can be easily accessed with:

gid + uid
# Retrieve the user ID of the current user and save it to a file named 'uid'
echo $(id -u) > .devcontainer/uid

# Retrieve the group ID of the current user and save it to a file named 'gid'
echo $(id -g) > .devcontainer/gid

To start the devnet container, execute the Docker Compose file from the project's root folder with the following command:

docker-compose -f .devcontainer/docker-compose.yml up -d

The startup process can take some time (1-2 minutes) and the container is not immediately available to write transactions.

Once your container has started successfully, you can monitor its output by following the container logs:

docker container logs -f $container_id

This command will display the real-time logs of the running containers, allowing you to track their output and any potential errors.