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Build on Coinweb

Welcome to the build section of the Coinweb developer portal!

The Coinnweb protocol is a dApp platform with unique properties and functionalities that will enable you to create new types of dApps that are impossible to implement on any other platform.

You can take advantage of early access and already start to develop your Coinweb dApp on our Dev-net, where we constantly add more powerful and unique functionality as it becomes available. After some rounds in Dev-net, functionalities are made available and accessible in production through our SDK. Our production SDK is available here.

Some of the unique capabilities you can enable in your dApps are:

  • Reactive smart contracts that can self-activate based on both L1 and L2 events
  • Blockchain agnostic dApps on top of any blockchain
  • Very high capacity parallel smart contract execution
  • Native interoperability, Coinweb cross-chain operations are consensus-free and consistent