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Coinweb computation system

The Coinweb computation system can be broken down into creation of blocks in shards, processing of blocks, and processing of transactions.

Differences between Coinweb and rollups

Coinweb, unlike rollups, has a dispute mechanism, the referee, in the client (on your phone), not as a smart contract on L1. This makes it easy to run on a diverse set of blockchains, including bitcoin-derived chains, it removes the delay associated with the dispute period in rollups, dispute resolution does not depend on the L1 smart contract language, results become deterministic in time, and by not having a _sequencer_ responsible for posting transactions, certain availability and censorship issues are eliminated.

Gas Fee Abstraction

Gas Fee Abstraction is a highly required feature for token transactions, allowing users to perform gas-fee and dApp-specific transactions using the dApp-specific tokens only, thus removing the need to obtain and transact in additional tokens outside the actual dApp token.

More on Computations and Computation Blocks

A computation block is a specialization of a computations with added functionality regarding inter-shard communication and query processing. Computation blocks are trusted, meaning they are allowed to do things that smart contracts themselves are not allowed to do. For example, use claims and CPU without worrying about gas costs.

Token Bonding Curves

Bonding curves are a significant concept in the domain of blockchain and cryptocurrencies as they offer a novel way to program the pricing mechanism for digital assets. Much research has been completed by both pioneers in the field and by general economists, and the topic is one that is new and worthy of pursuit.

Working with Contract Modules

The `cweb-tool` for smart contracts is a Typescript nodejs script to manage smart contract code sharing and contract deployment for developers. Development of smart contracts on Coinweb uses the concept of **contract modules*. Deployments of contract modules is lazy by default. That is, you can develop, test, and have dependencies on contract modules that have not yet been deployed to Coinweb...